Bethany Wiggins: Summary

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Are you looking for suspense that will keep you on your feet? How about action that will send chills down your spine? Well look no further, Stung is the perfect choice. This book will take you on the adventure of a lifetime. Bethany Wiggins from Brunswick, Georgia is the author behind this masterpiece rated 5 stars. This science fiction novel will chase you as beasts come rampaging down a dark wasteland. The book starts out when the main character of the book, Fiona, wakes up in a ghastly house located in Denver with shards of glass surrounding her. There is a mysterious tattoo of a spider on her arm that will never come off. The only thing she remembers is her name. She learns that there is a disease that lurks and no one is safe. Fiona soon realizes that bees are endangered and honey is the only thing that can save them. As Fiona develops throughout the…show more content…
To overcome an obstacle, you have to stick together. In the novel, Fiona partners with Bowen to try to survive the cure. She also finds a girl who assists her in defeating the disease. Another theme of the book was not to judge a book by its cover. Fiona always liked Bowen’s brother, Rowan, but then soon comes to the conclusion that Bowen isn’t that bad either. In the book, Fiona and Bowen get trapped in an enclosure by beasts. During this time of the novel, they get to know each other and bond. I think the author put all the parts of a book that you need to create an instant classic. On the other hand, she did not make the theme comprehendible and easy to understand. Bethany Wiggins needs to work on giving more hints and clues on the theme and lesson of Stung. The author also did not maintain her consistency throughout the book; I lost interest during the second quarter of Stung. Bethany Wiggins did a great job with the book and I would recommend it to anyone of any age. Although there were a couple of errors throughout the novel, Stung was a great
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