Voices From The Civil War Summary

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The book I read this month was titled Voices from the Civil War by Milton Meltzer. When the United States defeated Mexico we gained California, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and Colorado(Pg.1). In 1850 the Fugitive Slave Law came to power. It stated that all slave found in the North where to be returned to there owner. Many found the law to be unjust and refused to obey it(pg.11-13). Abraham Lincoln stated "A House Divided Against Itself Will Not Stand." 1855 Stephen Douglas won the senate seat against Abraham Lincoln(pg.16-20). On October 16, 1859 JOHN Brown with 21 men attacked the federal arsenal at Harpers Ferry Virginia. He was going to try to arm as many slaves as he could. Two of Johns ' sons where killed with eight other men. John and the rest off the men where taken prisoner. Brown was sentenced to death(pg.20-21). The news of the raid made cities of the Southern states call for troops for fear for slave uprisings. Lincoln won his ele for president and the South seceded from the Union. The South the Elected Jefferson Davis as there President(pg. 25-26). Five weeks after Lincoln took the oath of office, Confederate forces fired on Fort Sumter. The Civil War had begun(pg. 33). The …show more content…

This book is a very informational book. I like this book because of how much information is in the book. It told me so much about the civil war and slavery that I had not known. I hadn 't know that the war had started only five weeks after Lincoln was put in office(pg.33), or that Lincoln had tried to be a senator before he came president of the United States(pg.17-19). I also like how it tries to go in order from when the events occurred. The only thing I didn 't like about the book was how it was written. I think it would be way better if it was written as a story in 1st person about there life and not how it was written. The book didn 't really make me think differently about things because I know what I think about slavery and no one can change my mind

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