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In England in 1785, an orphaned 8-year-old Tom Appleby is sent to the isolated and terrifying Botany Bay, Australia, with the First Fleet. This sees him go through trials and hardship in the beginning of the European colonisation of this harsh land. This historical fiction is told in a third person omniscient limited narrative which allows readers to see into the heart and mind of Tom as he goes on an adventure of a lifetime. Tom Appleby is the protagonist; he is a courageous and intelligent young orphan who tries to do the right thing for everyone. He is complimented in the book by two colourful and kind characters; Sergeant Stanley and his son, Rob. French covers significant issues in the novel including the treatment of children in the 18th century, including orphans and the settler’s relationship with the indigenous people; both of these directly relate to the …show more content…

French’s message is advanced by the novel 's non linear plot line that has flash backs from present day of Tom’s life to when he was a young orphan to give more depth and details to the story in an appropriate time without overloading the reader so the French’s message can be easily deciphered and advanced. French brings this powerful novel to life in the imagination of young Australians who find an interest in, or want to learn more about, Australia’s early history and the 18th century. This novel is beneficial for young Australian readers to discover emotion and learn about important messages displayed in historical novels that can take some relevance today. Tom Appleby is full of history woven through a vivid novel to grab and maintain the attention of the younger generation. The brilliant and telling novel is worth buying for young Australians and comes highly recommended so go out and buy a copy

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