To Kill A Mockingbird Should NOT Be Taught In Schools Today

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Ever wonder about real life lessons and what comes with having them, well the essay you 're about to read will teach you about them. First of all many lessons from older times have been taught today in school, some may not have been. To kill a mockingbird is a great lesson that teachers shouldn 't teach today for example the book has old fashioned and very sophisticated writing like on pg(31) “Jems free dispensation of my pledge..”, what high schooler in 10th grade is going to know what that word even means.If teachers are going to teach a lesson to their students then the kids should actually be able to understand the writing. Another example why to kill a mockingbird shouldn 't be taught in schools today is because kids would read this book and most likely not even be able to relate to the book, the whole racism thing we wouldn 't understand mainly because in our times everyone is treated the same, color doesn 't matter. Back then it was a big deal, we didn 't grow up in those times how on earth could we even understand what that sort of thing is like. Sure some of us could connect to the …show more content…

The vocab is very sophisticated using a variety of words we wouldn 't be able to understand and would probably have to look to understand what we are reading. The kids today that would read this book wouldn 't even be able to relate to that stuff that happened because we weren 't around to witness it, some of us just learned about it so we wouldn 't be able to understand it fully. This book also has a lot of racist comments some things that scout was asking atticus were racial comments, i mean it was kind of okay then cause that 's what the white people called the black people but we don 't do that anymore because everyone is treated equally. To read this novel today it still shouldn 't be taught today, there are good but old lessons. We should be learning about new lessons, not old ones we can 't relate

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