How Is Scout Portrayed In To Kill A Mockingbird

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The name of the novel being explored is 'To Kill a Mockingbird' by Harper Lee. To Kill a Mockingbird is set in the 1950's in Alabama Maycomb during the racist times towards the blacks. Throughout this topic the focus is on the main character/narrator Scout (Jan Louise Finch). This essay will explore Scout's character and the negative and or positive influence she has on other characters at the start, throughout and at the end of the text.

At the beginning of the novel 'To kill a Mockingbird' Scout is a naïve, has a very tomboy like personality, is a judgmental five year-old girl who was oblivious to the cruelty's of the outside world. Scout also discriminates against people before she gets to know them. Throughout the beginning of the text Scout is naive, this makes her oblivious to the cruelty's of the world. Scouts naivety is preliminary because of her young age, we can see this when she says “No, everybody's gotta learn, nobody's born knowin'. That Walter's as smart as he can be, he just gets held back sometimes because he has to stay out and help his daddy. Nothing's wrong with him. Naw, Jem, I think there's just one kind of folks." This implies that scout is …show more content…

One person that Scout has a positive influence on is Tom Robinson. This occurs when the lynching mob (that includes Mr. Cunningham) comes to the town jail to obtain Tom and lynch him, Scout and Jem followed Atticus to the Jail as they were worried for him. When Scout saw Atticus was troubled she ran to him. Scout then sees Mr. Cunningham the only face she recognized she asks him "how's your entailment going?". This impacts Mr. Cunningham in a soft spot for the little girl. Mr. Cunningham makes the men stand down and leave. This Implies that Scout's naivety causes her to be oblivious to the violent nature of Mr. Cunningham and the rest of the mob, but because of this she has a positive influence on Tom By saving his

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