Why Should To Kill A Mockingbird Be Banned

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To Kill a Mockingbird, written by Harper Lee in 1960 ,is one of the most controversial novels between society and school boards. School boards across the country question whether Lee’s novel should be taught in classrooms, or if it should be banned because of the vulgar language and inappropriate context throughout the book. To Kill a Mockingbird revolves around a white family who is living in the south, and the narrator 's dad is a lawyer. His latest case is to defend a black man in court who had allegedly raped a white woman. Throughout the book a lot of harsh language was used, along with ideas that may be considered inappropriate. This book should be taught to High School students across the country, and it should not be a banned book. To Kill a Mockingbird teaches students morals, and ethics. The book is still partially accurate to what some people go through even in today’s world, and what the books reads is still a part of history that should not be covered up and tucked away. To Kill a Mockingbird should still be taught in school systems, and should not be a banned book because the novel focuses on a part of history that should not be ignored. Just because history is harsh and not always the most pleasant thing to learn about, does not mean that we can ignore it. Kenya Down with PBS said, “Being uncomfortable with history is not means to change it; people need to figure out how to confront issues.” Down also mentioned how Lee’s book is one of the most banned books

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