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Everything could be perfect. Nothing could go wrong and life could not be easier. Until, everything is flipped upside down in an instant .Bethany Hamilton had everything until Halloween of 2003, when she was attacked by a Tiger shark while surfing in the North Shore. Bethany Hamilton was a victim of a shark attack and after losing everything including her arm, she still continued to surf and even make it to Worlds. She has shared her story and how it has impacted her through a movie and book, and has won awards for her surfing. She has continued to impact the World and young girls. Bethany Hamilton grew up in the water.Hamilton would spend everyday at the beach and in the water. She grew up around her family who all surfed so Bethany grew up doing the same. Hamilton was born on February 8th of 1990 in Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii (Bethany Hamilton). She began surfing at the age of five but started competitive surfing at the age of eight (Timeline). In elementary school she began homeschooling so she could focus on her surfing. She would surf daily and fell in love with …show more content…

Halloween of 2003 when the surfer was thirteen everything changed. “While surfing the North Shore of her hometown Kauai, Hawaii, a 14 foot tiger shark severed her left arm just below the shoulder” (Viti). Hamilton remained calm and managed to get closer to shore to receive help. “On the beach, Blanchard used a surfboard leash as a tourniquet, which probably saved her life”(Shark Takes). He wrapped her arm to hold as much of her blood in as possible. Hamilton was rushed 30 miles to a hospital in Lihue and immediately underwent surgery (Shark Takes). Only two more inches and the shark bite would have been fatal. She lost 60 percent of her blood and went through several surgeries. When Bethany lost her arm she also lost much more. She would need support from others and would need to push herself to still accomplish all of her

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