Woodsong Gary Paulsen Character Analysis

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With caution, you take a further step towards the unfamiliar world that only lies in the pages of a story. As you move on, details continue to unravel new, fascinating scenarios that make you want to stay in this particular universe for as long as you can. This is all thanks for imagery. Novels rich in detail can lead us anywhere the author wants us to. In Woodsong, Gary Paulsen brings us to the wild. With the use of imagery, Gary Paulsen shows us that the outdoors is unpredictable. Furthermore, with the help of description, the reader can experience what it's like being in Gary Paulsen's shoes without going through the cruel, frigid temperatures and gruesome deaths. Finally Paulsen can change the mood with his words faster than you can say WOODSONG! While nature is also mesmerizing, it can still surprise you with memorable casualties that can cause an unanticipated turn. Paulsen starts off by taking us to "a grandly beautiful winter morning, the …show more content…

Paulsen takes us into his life by using description and can affect us greatly in both negative and positive ways. When Paulsen "kicked sideways and caught my knee on a sharp snag, I felt the wood enter under my kneecap and tear it lose” (26). It was almost too agonizing to be able to finish the rest of the sentence. It felt like I was also enduring this pain with him. In addition to the first example, a doe had "flies packed into her ears, into her eyes, flies to drive her mad, insane, temporarily blind." (60). The doe also "jammed her head underwater and slammed it viciously back and forth" (60). The way Paulsen shares this story lets us know what happened in an elaborate way and gets us to understand the dread he was feeling at the time. Even if we can't be there physically, we are able to learn about Paulsen's life, emotions, and lessons he has learned through the pages of this

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