Character Analysis Of Russel In Gary Paulsen's Dogsong

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“He was immense,” “Full of winter death.” In the book Dogsong by Gary Paulsen the main character Russel Susskit encountered many difficult situations which he was able to overcome with his bravery. He is a 13 year old boy who goes on a long trip in north america during the mid 1980’s, to find his true self with a team of sled dogs. Russel is a strong, courageous, and brave boy who is able to overcome any obstacle. To begin with, Russel was extremely couragous to leave Oogruk to die while also kind as he left him a parting gift. His courage showed after he was able to console himself when Oogruk told him to leave. On page 73 it stated “Russel let them run without turning back” this means he was courageous and strong as he didn’t dwell on the

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