Character Analysis Of The Blues Brothers

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In John Landis’ 1980 film The Blues Brothers, “Joliet” Jake and Elwood Blues try to track down their old band members to remake The Blues Brother so they can raise enough money to save the orphanage where they grew up. After serving a prison sentence he received by robbing a store to pay for the band’s expenses, Jake meets with his brother, Elwood, who takes Jake to meet with the Penguin, the nun who raised the orphaned brothers at Saint Helene of the Blessed Shroud Orphanage. The Penguin tells the two that if they want to help pay for the orphanage bills, they need to collect $5,000 in a week, and they need to do so lawfully. Jake then decides that to accomplish this task, the brothers should bring their old band back together to play several shows and raise the money. The Blues Brothers travel all over Illinois to find their band members while police officers, Illinois Neo-Nazis, country singers, and a murderous ex-girlfriend try to find and kill them. Throughout the movie, Landis depicts Elwood Blues as an irresponsible individual, but he can seem comparatively responsible. This behavior of Elwood’s is shown through his more stable life, his part as a member of the Blues Brothers band, and his interactions with Jake. If one compares Elwood Blues’ life to his brother, Jake Blues, Elwood appears to be more responsible, but if the same person compares Elwood’s life to a normal person’s, Elwood would be shown to live incredibly irresponsibly. After picking Jake up

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