As Simple As Snow By Gregory Galloway Character Analysis

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Literature 1 Michael Arroyo August 28, 2015 4th Period “As Simple As Snow” by Gregory Galloway “As Simple as Snow” is a mystery novel made in 2005 that may confuse people’s minds with all the art, magic, codes, and love while reading. As a teen age boy who wants to find the secrets his girlfriend who left behind all these mysteries after her odd disappearance. It also tells about the lost gothic girl, Anna Cayne, who meets the young high-school aged narrator. Throughout the postcards, a shortwave radio, various CDs, and many other irregular interest. After all that they loved each other but a week before Valentine’s Day she suddenly disappeared out of nowhere. If Gregory didn’t know what was happening the reader would be able to break through …show more content…

They send messages in codes, mysterious phrases, maps, and puzzles that confuse the unnamed boyfriend. It gets weirder because she makes The Spooky and Unexplained Part of the unnamed boyfriend’s life. After all of this happened she disappeared and her dress was neatly laid down outside beside a hole in an ice-covered river. There were a lot of puzzles and questions that we unanswered that the unnamed boyfriend needed to know. Where did Anna’s bruises come from? Was Anna sending him messages or was he just thinking that she was sending him messages? Why doesn’t she like Mr. Devon, the unnamed boyfriend’s favorite teacher? Why does her father not have eyebrows? The final question everyone wants to know, “Is Anna dead?” These questions still remain unanswered in the story. Although the story may be a bit too complicated it tells a story that can be true and that can actually happen in real life. This story may also have a dark side too it. Anna Cayne did some things that we unforgiveable. She was basically a psychopath in the story. Anna killed everyone in her town slowly just one…by…one. Every day it would mystery when, where, what, who was killing these people. Anna probably did not kill them she probably kept them just to make them suffer and then make them eventually die of starvation. It gets intense when we get more into the story that can be

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