Mark Griffin Character Analysis

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Mark Character Analysis The quiet ones are the dangerous ones. That is the case when it comes to Mark Kinney, the mastermind behind the plot to kidnap Mr. Griffin. In the book Killing Mr. Griffin by Lois Duncan, Mark is a malicious, sullen and charismatic character. Mark is a sullen character. In the story Mark is portrayed as a sleepy eyed, laid back, and expressionless guy. “Cool it,” Mark Kinney said quietly. He slouched in his seat in his usual don’t-care position, his odd, heavy-lidded eyes giving him a deceptively sleepy appearance” (13). The quote shows that Mark is a calm, sleepy-appearance person. Ultimately though, Mark appears sullen and sleepy, he has a more insane personality about him. Mark is also a malicious character. A good example would be when Mark is telling Susan about how to start a house on fire. I believe he does this so he can make Susan panic, not think straight. He makes her think ideas of what he’s going to do. He then becomes aggressive. “Setting fire to a place isn’t that easy,” Mark said lightly. “It takes more work than that.” “What do you mean?” “You’ve got to get the curtains started. That’s what makes a place really go up. That’s what happened to our house back when I was living in Denver; first the curtains then - whoosh! - the whole …show more content…

An example of how Mark is charismatic is when David and Susan have gone to the basketball game. They talk to Mark about them finding Mr. Griffin dead. “Sue - Sue -simmer down baby.” Mark’s voice was suddenly gentle. “I know how you feel. You and Dave were the ones who found him. That was rough, and that’s over now You don’t have to go up there again. The rest of us will take care of everything. It’s going to be all right, baby, I promise” (122). The way Mark speaks makes it sound like he can relate to how Susan feels and he is being a friend. Mark can manipulate the other characters with his charisma and that is why he was the

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