Jack London Essays

  • Jack London Accomplishments

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    Jack London, though a successful writer, had by no means an easy life. Though the literary community now remembers London for a mere few outstanding works, he was an influential, looming naturalist writer of the nineteenth century. London’s works surmounted to an estimated fifty novels and hundreds of articles in his lifetime. Jack London would define success as overcoming one’s early life hardships and using those experiences to create works and ideas in the mind of the public to withstand the test

  • A Comparison Of Jack London And White Fang

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    White Fang is a novel by Jack London, depicting the life of a young wolf-dog mix. A movie was created soon after the novel was published, also portraying the life of the young wolf. The novel and film share a similar theme, but other aspects in the story line are very different. This essay will focus on White Fang’s point of view, theme, and characters as they differ between book and movie. In both versions of White Fang, a young man who has arrived in Alaska to search for a gold mine encounters

  • To Build A Fire By Jack London Analysis

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    Imagine Lack of Imagination One would not think that imagination would be vital in the numbing Yukon, however in Jack London’s “To Build a Fire”, the narrator proves just how much even a puny amount of imagination will help a man in the extreme cold; through ignoring old advice, lack of common sense, and inexperience with nature’s instinct, one man will face death’s door in the cool dark depths of the Yukon. Before the man departed for his journey, he had visited a wise old man (who had taken the

  • Jack The Ripper: Murders In London In The 1800's

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    numerous murders that occurred during the 1800’s in London, England in a neighborhood that was known as Whitechapel. The infamous killer nickname was “Jack the Ripper”, he was a man that killed prostitutes, usually their age was around 40. Now there is a great deal of people saying who Jack the Ripper was but none of them fit. After almost two hundred years of searching they found DNA, as a result of who the suspect may be. One theory suggested that Jack the Ripper was a man that goes by the name of James

  • The Banning Of Jack London's The Call Of The Wild

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    content in books, which leads to the banning of a book or titled as challenged. Jack London 's book The Call of the Wild got banned between the 1920 's and 1930 's in Yugoslavia and Italy. Besides being banned, it also was burned in Nazi Germany. They said that the socialism in the book angered and threatened them. Also, the animal cruelty made them think that London was accepting of it (Banned Books). Due to this book London was called a "nature faker" by President Theodore

  • Naturalism In Jack London

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    dictates their fate and often the exposure of the indifference of nature to human struggle – has been the theme of many pieces of literature that depicts the miseries of human life and its tendency to converge towards the society’s pre-set standards. Jack London and Upton Sinclair are amongst the most notorious writers throughout

  • Jack London Fire

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    Imagine being so cold that you couldn’t even move or feel your own fingers; that is how the man in Jack London short story “To Build a Fire” felt. In the short story, a man tries to survive the cold and it’s not just cold - it’s extremely cold. The man tries to survive, but fails and gets killed. How did he die? Three things that got the man killed were that he fell in the ice trap, he built a fire under a tree with snow on it , and didn’t listen to the old man’s advice. As stated above , the man

  • Rhetorical Devices In Into The Wild

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    The addition of Jack London’s epilogue from White Fang is the first hint that Chris McCandless did not survive. The excerpt from White Fang states that Alaska was a “desolation, lifeless, without movement, so lone and cold that the spirit of it was not even that of sadness…It was masterful and incommunicable wisdom of eternity laughing at the futility of life and the effort of life”(9). Krakauer chooses to add this passage from Jack London in order to create suspense and mystery

  • Similarities Between The Dogs And Humans In The Call Of The Wild

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    dogs originate from wolves, their ancestor. The Call of the Wild by Jack London is about a dog named Buck who is taken off to the Klondike to be used for a dog sled pack. The narrator throughout the book suggested that Buck would have ultimately rejected civilization and followed his nature. The novel stands on tension being revealed as nature winning rather than civilization, only Thornton is the last tie to that world. Jack London exposes the dog Buck as a Santa Clara valley dog free to roam the

  • Jack London Individuality

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    When you look back on the idea that Jack London’s Mother tried to killer herself twice while pregnant for him, you begin to see what a difference this World would be without the writer he was. His books have always interested me in more ways than one. I always get hooked on books that have more of a meaning than just a common one that is simply shown. When he learned about the news of his step-father’s health was beginning to fail, he decided that in order to support his Mother, he’d become a professional

  • To Build A Fire Vs Call Of The Wild

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    To build a Fire and Call of the Wild were written by the same author, Jack London. These two pieces have many similarities and also differences. Both of the stories took place in the Yukon Territory, for example. The purpose of the story was different. To Build a Fire and Call of the Wild have many similarities and differences so we can tell how Jack London interpreted the books. Both Call of the Wild and To Build a Fire took place in the Yukon Territory. Quoted in the book, To Build a Fire, “Day

  • Should Call Of The Wild Be Banned Essay

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    Should “Call of the Wild” be Banned? Did you know that Jack London’s “Call of the Wild” won the newbery medal in 1931? Even though this is true some still say that wonderful books like this should be banned from schools so that today’s youth cannot read them. However I disagree and say that we should let today’s youth read these books and that they should in fact not be banned from schools across the country. I believe this for several reasons; kids need to learn to be more mature, this book

  • Jack London Fire

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    To build a Fire is written by Jack London, It is a story that a man and a wolf-dog travel in the Yukon on an extremely cold morning .Although an old man has told him that it is dangerous to travel alone on this cold day, he does not believe that man and keeps moving. He plans to meet his friends by six o’clock at an old claim. At the beginning, he pays much attention to walking and thinks those old-timers were rather womanish, all man who was a man could travel alone. He does not care about the temperature

  • Diction In The Call Of The Wild

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    Wild” by Jack London and “Wolves” by John Haines both take place during the time of the Klondike Gold Rush. Each story both shows just how harsh it was for both the men and the wolves by showing the beauty and brutality of the wolves in the Klondike. John Haines lived in Fairbanks, Alaska while he was writing, so in a

  • Comparing The Hero's Journey In The Call Of The Wild And White Fang

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    Jack London is well-known for his novels on wolves and dogs: The Call of the Wild and White Fang. This essay explores the latter; a hero’s journey adapted to the character of a wolf-dog hybrid. As a canine placed into a traditionally human role, White Fang is an obvious statement on the perception of humanity. Therefore, the following research question arose: How does White Fang’s adaptation as a hero challenge the perception of humanity? The focus of the investigation was on the steps that White

  • Jack London Mistake

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    The Dumbest Man Ever What would you do to stay warm in the klondike’s? In the book “To Build A Fire” by Jack London, the main character is unable to survive in the Klondike’s alone. The characters include the old man, the main character, and the main character’s dog 1.His first mistake was that he ignored others advice. 2. His second mistake is that he went in the coldest time of the year. 3. His third mistake was that he did not have the necessary skills to defeat such a task as trekking through

  • The Wild Mastery Quotes

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    Have you ever heard the calls? Buck sure has.In the novel The Call of The Wild by Jack London, Buck is a large st. Bernard that lives in the beautiful Santa Clara Valley with Judge Miller. As the story goes on Buck gets dognapped and sent to the man in the red sweater. The man in the red sweater is also known as the crack dog doctor.Then Buck gets sold to Perrault and Francois, who work for the Canadian government. Then Buck spends a short time with a scotch half breed. Buck then gets sold to the

  • Importance Of Beliefs In Jack London's To Build A Fire

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    Jack London’s back ground and personal beliefs are reflected in his short story To Build a Fire. In this short story, the narrator is traveling through the harsh environment of the Yukon but due to his lack of imagination and experience he finds himself in a life threating situation. As the man navigates a frozen river, he is in high alert of streams flowing beneath the snow that could cause the ice to give way beneath him. After avoiding patches of the streams, he sits down to eat his lunch but

  • Ghost Dog In Jack London's The Call Of The Wild

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    There is a ghost dog that leads a pack of wolves to victory in the Yukon. The ghost dog will scare you away from the land it protects. This ghost dog is “Buck” the main character in the adventure book The Call Of The Wild by Jack London. Buck lived in Santa Clara Valley, California with his master Judge Miller. He was stolen and sold to a man on a train. The man took him to the Yukon for a sled dog. He is chosen to be the main character because he goes through many changes, he has personalities

  • An Analysis Of Chris Mccandless In Jack London's Call Of The Wild

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    went into the wild because he had a mental illness/suicidal, but the real reasons he left everything was that he was influenced by literature and his problems he had with his parents. Chris was mostly influenced by three authors and they are Jack London, Henry David Thoreau, and Leo Tolstoy, but I think that Chris