Character Analysis Of Simon Delong In Whale Talk

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Simon DeLong is just a story filler in the book “Whale Talk”. He is extremely over weight and biggest thing about his character is that he is very caring and nurturing to others. His character is mentioned very briefly in the book, but based on the things that are said in the book, a brief description can be made about Simon DeLong. In the story he is a part of the swim team, which is a group of social outcasts.

This character is a big influence on the swim team at Cutter High school in the book. Pg #64 “His character is 5’8” “ Two Eighty Seven Pounds”. His weight gives him a slight advantage in the beginning. When he enters the water off of the dive, he displaces the entire pool and messes up the other racers. He is heavy which means he is at a disadvantage in the long run. He kept going throughout the challenges though. This in the end benefited him and the others around him. Even though he was heavy and unfit for the swim team, he still tried. …show more content…

He has became more social over the period of the swim team. Simon has trouble in school, in particular, biology Page #162. He doesn’t strive to do the best he can, but the swim team made him want to achieve more than he did before. So the swim team helped Simon in a specific way unlike the other kids. Simon strove more in school, and due the the pressure on the swim team and the social interaction, he learns how to talk better to

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