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In the movie Simon Birch, we learn many aspects from the main character relating to our SPIES unit. The Main character Simon Birch was born the smallest baby of Grapeville in recorded history. When he was born, the doctors believed Simon would only be alive for days or a weeks at maximum, because of a undersized heart. Mr and Mrs. Birch didn’t care for Simon and carried on in their normal daily lives. Believing their son would pass away. Years went by and Simon was healthy, but still the smallest kid in Grapeville at 12 years old. Simon is best friends with a boy named Joseph, and Joseph's mother, Ms. Wenteworth, cared for Simon as is he was her own. Sadly Ms. Wenteworth was killed by a flying baseball hit by Simon. With Joseph and Simon no…show more content…
Intellectual development is how one learns, the seven IQ’s. The seven IQ’s are, words smart, number smart, picture smart, body smart, sound and rhythm smart, people smart and self smart. Out of the seven IQ’s I believe Simon is word smart, people smart and self smart. I think he is these smarts because of the following example in the movie. For word smart Simon always engaged in conversation, and he read the bible, and used references from the bible many times in the movie. For example while talking with the Reveron he brings up references from the bible to support his argument. Simon also showed people smart. Using the example from before, Simon knew how to help the little boy and get him to stop crying and become more confident. And last, Simon is also self smart, because he is self motivated. He believes God has a special plan for him and is never brought down but the negative comments coming from those around him. The E in SPIES stands for emotional development. Emotional development is our feelings and related actions. Simon was very good at expressing his emotions when it came to talking or commenting. He often showed his emotions thru words to express his remarks or a comment on a action made. In the movie when the Reveron was talking at the end of a mass, about donuts and coffee. Simon was quick to respond and talk about his desire for God, and how donuts and coffee are not related to God. This was one example of…show more content…
Spiritual development is exploring what it means to believe in God, and developing our relationship with God. Simon develop a strong belief for God. He believed that God had a special plan for him. Every week Simon would go to church and go to Sunday school, even if the teacher and the kids disliked him. Just so he could develop a stronger relationship with God. When the bus crashed and went into the lake, Simon knew that this was his time, and all along it was God’s plan. He saved all the kids and sacrificed himself for a another child to be removed from the bus. Sadly he floated to the top of the lake and died later in the movie, in the hospital. Simon died in good spirits knowing this was God calling him up to the

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