Piggy's Poem

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Nestor Reyes Ramirez

Lord of the Flies During an unnamed time of war, a plane was shot down over the Pacific carrying British schoolboys. There was a kid rising up from the floor. The kid found himself in a beach. He saw trees sand and an ocean. It had occurred to him that he was in . He looked around and saw someone else. He was young. And also wears glasses. He told him what's your name. “I don’t care what they call me,”he said confidentially, “so long as they don’t call me what they used to call me at school.”. What did they used to call you. They called me Piggy. He could see why. And it made him laugh. He said to stop. The kid said what's your name. The kid replied Ralph. “I expect there’s a lot more …show more content…

Jack having the majority of the people declares himself leader. But later on Jack organizes another hunt to kill a pig. “Kill the beast! Cut his throat! Spill his blood!’” They kill it violently and take out the head and put it on top of a spear. Then Simon saw it and there was blood everywhere with flies on top. He has a terrible vision, which the head is speaking to him. He thinks he is the Lord of the Flies. The pig says to him that he will never escape then he faints. Then he goes up the mountain which he sees The parachutes and realizes that there is no beast. Simon goes back to tell the everyone what he has seen. But the others are having a feast. Ralph and Piggy are also in the feast. Once they see Simon shadow emerge Jack and the rest of his friends pounce on him killing him with their spears. The next morning Ralph and Piggy discuss what has been done by Jack. Ralph and his group go to Jack so he can see reason. Piggy squinted several times because he did not have his glasses. So Ralph went to Castle Rock. But Jack didn’t understand. Jack hunters attacked them and and steal Piggy’s glasses, and tied up the twins. Jack then fights with Ralph. Roger knowing there is a battle going on rolls a boulder killing Piggy and destroying the

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