Piggy Lord Of The Flies Quote Analysis

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A group of boys crash landed on an island, no adults just them. Sounds like fun right? That's what they thought, they discovered many hardships. They elect a leader, Ralph who with the help of piggy, the more realistic and intelligent one of the group. Piggy makes the rules and is always the one to come up with a logical and realistic plan. At first, ralph makes a fire, hoping to stop a passing ship. Soon, after, all the boys group together, one of the boys, Jack tries to challenge ralph for his leadership, Jack tribe release a boulder on piggy, killing him. Jack then takes the other two boys hostage, leaving Ralph alone. During the process of jacks tribe trying to kill him. In the midst of trying to kill him, jack starts a forest fire. The …show more content…

For example, Jacks hunting. Jack's tribe hunted for meat for the group and they were successful. Jack's tribe then thinks that all their violence will result in positive outcomes. Their violence is savage, evil and pure diabolical. The boys picked Jack's tribe because of the fun that he undoubtedly made the boys think he would give them. Jacks Mentality was warfare. "kill the beast! Cut his throat! Spill the blood" The next is the feeling of silence or lonely. The jungle gave off a very lonely and quiet feeling, making it seem threatening or intimidating. The conch shell plays a key role in the silence. It symbolizes the ability to speak or the ability to not speak. "The silence was complete" The thought of the loneliness, comes from when jack kills piggy and captures the other having just Ralph. He had to hide from the other who trying to kill him. The last aspect is Domination. Domination plays one of the main aspects of this book. The School boys try to find domination, nominating a leader and making a group. Jack wants the be the most dominate of all the boys on the island trying to kill Ralph so he would be the leader all of them. "The desire to squeeze and hurt was overmastering". Which means that the urge to be the most powerful was almost

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