Loss Of Innocence In Lord Of The Flies Quote Analysis

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Schoolboys lose their innocence
Lust and greed are more gullible than innocence by Mason Cooley. In the book Lord of Flies , schoolboys from England crashed on an island , near the Pacific. Their innocence starts to slowly drift away as the longer they stay at the island. The boys tried to keep their connection to the adult world , but the boys were losing hope. The schoolboys lost their innocence by killing a mama pig , killing another school boy named Simon and hunting down another school boy named Ralph, to the point of almost killing him.

In the first days of the boys on the island, the schoolboys killed a mama pig. When the boys divided and hunted down the mama pig the first time, the boys weren't able to kill the pig. “This dreadful eruption from an unknown world made her frantic:she squealed and bucked and the air was full of sweat and noise and blood and terror” …show more content…

The schoolboys were in another frenzy to hunt down Ralph. Ralph knows there is no going back to how they were. “Ralph wept for the end of innocence, the darkness of man’s heart, and the fall through the air of the true , wise friend Piggy” (Golding 202). Once Ralph was found by the naval officer, he knew that the schoolboys innocence was gone. He knew that Piggy would never come back, and that all of this could've been avoided. All of the boys life have fallen apart, and lives have been taken. The school boys, are not school boys anymore.

The schoolboys have lost their innocence on the island. Many lives have been taken, the mama pig, Piggy, Simon, and almost Ralph. The boys killed a mama pig horrifically and offered it to the Lord of the Flies. Then Simon died by being stabbed and beaten to death. At the end the boys hunted Ralph and were planning to kill him, until the officer came to the rescue. The schoolboys have lost their innocence and nothing will ever be the

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