Evil Is Within Everyone Lord Of The Flies Analysis

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Evil is Within Everyone Without thinking, the laws and social rules we abide by every day are actually a fragile barrier keeping the worst of human nature from overtaking modern society. In the allegorical novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding, a plane full of British school boys is shot down over an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. They are stranded without adult supervision or means to communicate with the outside world. This creates the perfect setting for Golding to explore the best and worst of human nature. It is in this setting that Golding illustrates what can happen when laws and rules vanish and human instinct reigns. Although everyone has the capacity to act good, there is also evil within everyone and it is only …show more content…

However, these boys have been taught right and wrong, and they still do horrible acts because of the evil within them. Although Simon may seem like an outlier because he represents goodness and is a Christ-like figure, he is not born good, he just becomes good out of the knowledge that it is right. When Simon is killed, it is out of pure evil and love of death by Jack and his followers. Besides this, there is no other reason for the boys to kill him. Even seemingly good figures like Ralph and Piggy “Found themselves eager to take a place in this demented but partly secure society” (Golding 152). Although Ralph may be a good leader and Piggy may be smart, they both have evil inside of them and want to be a part of Simon’s murder. Ralph and Piggy are nowhere near being savages at this point, but their love of death still shows, even if they regret it later. Their savagery is just the result of the evil human nature inside of them that is left unchecked by civil society. On the island, the boys do not have the benefit of civilization, so they revert to human nature and instinct for survival. Even though Simon warns them about the evil inside them, their actions still reflect their inherently bad human nature. As the time on the island goes by, the boys kill Simon and Piggy, along with a mother pig, and a well-timed rescue is all that prevents Ralph’s death. Even if people can act good, there is still greed, selfishness, and evil within everyone. It is only through the influence of civil society that the worst of human nature is kept in

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