Jack Hunting In Lord Of The Flies Quotes Analysis

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Could someone be so cruel, they value hunting over a chance of rescue? Lord of the Flies by William Golding is a novel. Lord of the Flies is about young boys who survive an airplane crash during a world war. The boys try their best to survive but poor leadership, misbehaving kids, and the loss of civility send the group in a bad direction. Jack is responsible for the end of the downfall of the boys on the island because he becomes hyper-focused on hunting, his desperate need for power, and Jack’s unwillingness to follow the rules. This event demonstrates the theme that putting your own self-interests before everyone else is harmful. In Lord of the Flies Jack focuses all his attention on hunting, sometimes leading to bad events as an outcome. Jack's strong fixation is one of the main factors in the demise of the downfall of the boys. Jack throughout the book has many encounters with pigs …show more content…

This quote highlights this very clearly: “They all know why he hadn’t; because of the enormity of the knife descending and cutting into living flesh; because of the unbearable blood.” (Golding 41). This quote refers to Jack's struggle to kill the pig. Jack cannot handle the very gruesome and violent image that will come out of killing the pig. This creates a problem for the boys. Jack spends all his time trying to hunt this pig but cannot bring himself to kill it. Jack wastes time hunting the pig all day when he could be spending time doing something beneficial for the group. Eventually, Jack's focus on the pig leads to the fire going out, “You let the fire go out.” …“We can light the fire again. You should have been with us, Ralph. We had a smashing time . . . There were lashings of blood,” said Jack, laughing and shuddering, “you should have

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