What Are Simon Birch Combined The Domains Of Wellness

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Simon Birch combined the domains of wellness to show his true character in the movie. His physical being was a major factor in the outline of the story. Since he was so small, he wasn’t taken seriously by other characters and struggled doing many things Joe and the other kids in the book could do. His intellectual and emotional being was also an important piece of the story. Even though he was so small, he was smart and made jokes often. He was also a troublemaker, especially with Reverend Russels and Miss Leevy. Because of his size, many of the other kids made fun of him and his only true friend was Joe, which he was fine with. Simon and Joe were best friends and did everything together, and Joe stood up for Simon when other kids or adults …show more content…

He had faith in God and believed his condition was part of a purpose in his life, making him determined to do good things. Simon Birch’s self-esteem fluctuates a lot during the movie. Most of the time, he had high self-esteem and didn’t care what most people thought of him. But at times, especially around Marjorie he got nervous because he thought she would never like him because of his size. The character I admire most in the movie is Joe because he was kinder than most everyone his age and befriended Simon and didn’t care about his size. He always stood up for him and was there for him all the time. I also admire his strength because he still stood strong and moved past the hard things in his life to find happiness, losing his mother, Simon, his grandmother, and learning the truth about his dad. One bullying situation I saw in the movie was in the beginning when during Sunday school class the kids would pick him up and carry him above the chairs because he was easy to pick up and tease. If I was there, I would have told the other kids to put him down and not have teased him. Another bullying situation I saw in the movie was when Simon would play baseball, often the other team or even his own team would pick on him for his size, saying he couldn’t

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