Andy Mott Character Analysis

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The character I had wrote about is Andy Mott. He has gone through a lot in his life. I had put a piece of a prosthetic leg because he has lost his leg.His teammates found out after he told them.The story he had said was horrible. He had also metion that he had been rapped by his mother boyfriend when he only had one leg.

His mother’ boyfriend was a bad person which could have caused him to be angry a lot like in the picture. He has also been know to be funny and crack jokes that is the funny face is for.His anger cause him to get in trouble a lot. That why he has been getting lots of detentions like in the picture of the detention slip. He doesn 't really care about school he does the bare minimum to pass. That is why there is a picture of a student getting and f on a paper because his care for things. …show more content…

That is why their is a picture of a baby tied up. There 's also another piece of an abandoned baby carriage when his Mother 's’ boyfriend has left after he was tied. His leg was super tied on and his blood couldn 't flow that is why he had gotten gangrene. That is why there is a picture of a kid with gangrene on his leg. After the incident he had to get his leg cut of and have prosthetic leg, so as he was growing up he hated bullies that is why their is a picture of a no bully zone.
He would alway protect other people when their were getting bullied. And was also an athlete on top of all of this. He was a one legged prosthetic swimmer. That explains the picture of the one legged swimmer. His team was good that is why they had won a trophies or could have, that explained the picture of swimmers with

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