Alex Bruette Character Analysis

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Alex Louie and his peers saw a path for freedom when war was declared. They saw an opportunity to fight and return with the solid credential to demand full citizenship rights. They applied to join the Canadian Armed forces and were turned down numerous times due to their ethnicity. They drafted an official national policy forbidding the Chinese to join. Once they were turned down in Canada, they looked to the United States to join their army. Fortunately, the Ca-nadian troops needed undercover soldiers who could speak Cantonese and look Chinese. Ottawa circulated a memorandum inquiring for 15 Chinese Canadians who were needed for dangerous duty. Many Asian Canadians applied and Alex Louie was one of them who got accepted. As he put on the uniform, he felt like a free man who was finally socially accepted in his own country. After the war, the troops returned and to their surprise not much changed. However, many indi-viduals were optimistic, given the fact that they had proven themselves so worthy. Jon Cobong, a small arms expert remembered distinctly he walked past the Chinese section in the theatre and sat down right in the middle. Many emotions were shown by these characters such as hope, op-timism and accomplishment. …show more content…

This speaks volumes in terms of true identity. Analyzing his emotions and the fact that he felt as if he did not fight in the war he would lose his true self is a major form of character and the damage of integrity. Fighting the war was an action made to find a path whereby Asian Canadians could assimilate themselves with White Canadians. This negates Tanaka’s opinion in Asian Canadians attempting to maintain their true self, culture and tradition yet being able to gain equality in their own

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