Compare And Contrast Zaroff And Rainsford In The Most Dangerous Game

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In the story, "The Most Dangerous Game," there were two main characters, Zaroff and Rainsford. They are very memorable characters indeed; they make quite an impression. Both of them have very clever minds and they express them during the story. There were also many plot twists such as the hunter becomes the hunted. In this situation Rainsford becomes Zaroffs quarry. All he was set out to do was hunt jaguars, but that all went down the drain after meeting his hunting guide Zaroff; listening to what they were actually going to be hunting change everything. A battle for survival strikes Rainsford suddenly. As a result, Rainsford is forced to go out of his comfort zone to win a battle he never thought he 'd be in. While playing this dangerous game Rainsford demonstrates that he 's smart, serious, and he also shows perseverance throughout the story.

For a duration of the story, Rainsford displayed smartness by creating a variety of plans to secure a win for the game he was playing. An example supporting this statement takes place on page 81, paragraph 5, when Rainsford demonstrated some of his skills. It describes his elaborate trap that he made to try and catch Zaroff. It involved the intricate bending of trees to create a certain structure. He also showed off his intelligence at the …show more content…

Overall, there were several traits that Rainsford portrayed in this story; he used all of these traits to win the most dangerous game. The game was a nail-biter but in the end the win was Rainsfords. He overcame incredible odds, and used his strengths to cover his weaknesses and push through it all. It 's clear that he is smart, and has a serious side; he also expresses perseverance. We can conclude that he 's quite the character. The fact that he had these traits benefited him greatly when he got into a bad situation. Not only did he express his traits; he also used them wisely. In conclusion, this story was very interesting and adventurous; most likely it will capture its

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