Most Dangerous Game Movie Comparison

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Comparing and Contrasting: ‘The Most Dangerous Game’ The short story and film version of The Most Dangerous Game contain both similarities and differences. There are always going to be changes form book to movie no matter what. The plot of both of these is the same though; A man is lost on an island and meets General Zaroff. The man is very fortunate at the time because General Zaroff is welcoming. The man is introduced to a hunting game in which he is being hunted and things get thrilling from there. Both the story and the movie have many similarities. They both have the same plot idea with just some minor differences. The similarities that they have are that they both involve a guy swimming to eShip-Trap Island and finding a huge castle that is the home of General Zaroff. Also, General Zaroff is an extreme hunter and doesn’t find pleasure in hunting regular animals. Zaroff says the most dangerous game is humans because they have the ability to reason. Rainsford is going to be hunted and is given a certain amount of time to survive. Moreover, while Rainsford is being hunted Zaroff …show more content…

At this time, Hollywood was always trying add dramatic twists to movies. To begin with, they added a girl to the movie. The girl also has a brother who is lured into playing Zaroff’s game and is eventually killed. Rainsford and this girl seem to be intimate. Also, Rainsford doesn’t fall off of his yacht. It wrecks and everyone aboard the ship is drowning. A shark attacks one of the passengers. Then, Rainsford plays the game with Zaroff and is going to be hunted. While Rainsford is hiding, Zaroff comes after him with a bow and arrow and a rifle. In the story, he uses a short-range pistol. Another difference is that while Rainsford and the girl are hiding they come across a crocodile. Nevertheless, at the end of the story Rainsford kills on of Zaroff’s servants and stabs Zaroff who eventually

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