Where The Red Fern Grows Essay Quotes

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Dogs are a mans best friend. The book Where The Red Fern Grows is about a young boy named Billy as he goes on exciting adventures with his two dogs Old dan and Little ann. Billy never knew how much his dogs loved him until one night that something terrible happened. Old dan and Little ann are some of the most fine,loving,and smart hounds you’ll ever meet. Come as we learn what achievements and obstacles Billy goes through with and without Little ann and Old dan. First we will talk about what obstacles and achievement billy went through in the book. One obstacle Billy faced during the book is that his mom was scared he would get hurt and didn't want him to go hunting. Billy didn't want to wait so he went across the mountains to tahlequah to get old dan and Little ann. When they got back to the ozark mountain Billy had found the names that he was going to name his dog engraved in a tree the dogs were…show more content…
In the movie it there are two sister. The movie was a lot like the book and a lot different at the same time but that for the next paragraph. In the movie billy was given the gold cup and he never won the silver cup. Little ann and Old dan weren't running around and they didn't have snow on them during the blizzard. Finally i will be talking about the similarities and differences between the book and movie. One of the differences is that in the book Billy had three sister and in the movie Billy had two sisters. One similarity is the names of the characters. In the book hunting was at night and in the movie hunting was in the daytime. Both in the movie and in the book Billy found the names Little ann and Old dan engraved in a tree. In conclusion i will be telling if i like either the book or movie better. I think the book was better. The book shows more emotion and feelings than in the movie. The movie didn't show half the stuff that went on in the book. The movie shows no feelings or
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