Red Fern Grows

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The essay i'm writing about is about Where the Red Fern Grows. It's about a boy all of his life he has wanted two coonhounds. Then after a lot of hard work he finally gets to have them. When they grow old and one of them dies and then the other dies a red fern grew between them. There is a book and a movie about it. There are some similarities and some differences between the two. First off what happens in the book is that billy begs for two coonhounds. After he finds an advertisement from an old magazine he does odd jobs for people to get some extra money. He saves up every money he gets and after months of saving he gets enough money to get the two hounds. He goes to his grandpa’s store to ask him if he can order them. After his grandpa orders the two hounds billy goes back every day to see if they have came in or not. Then a note finally comes it says they are in tahlequah and his grandpa said he had to wait till …show more content…

Then he come across an advertisement from an old magazine. After he sees the ad he saves up money by doing odd jobs to get the hounds. After a lot of months of saving. He asks his grandpa to order them and weeks of waiting the note comes in to tell them where they are. Billy couldn't wait a few more days to get them, so he goes out6 by himself to get them after that he trains the dogs every day for the contest. During the contest his grandpa falls down a hill and billy gives up the biggest chance to win, to save his grandpa and after going back with only a few coons the other guy give up the golden cup to billy for saving his grandpa. Then later Old Dan come in counter with a mountain lion. He doesn't make it and dies and Little Ann doesn't eat and then she dies beside Old Dan’s grave. Later when they move they go visit there grave and between them aa red fern grew in the middle of the dogs. The

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