Compare And Contrast Essay: A Good Man Is Hard To Find

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A compare and contrast essay is the way of comparing the differences and the ways they are similar with two or more things. This method of writing is well known and used especially on a college and high school level. Writing a Compare and Contrast Essay you have to really know about your characters or places you are trying write or tell about. You can’t just write about anything either it has to relate with each other that is the whole point of the contrast part. For example, a good topic for a compare and contrast essay would be comparing/ contrasting two towns or talking your parents. Today, we are going try to talk about the short story of “Miss Brill”, written by Katherine Mansfield, about an older lady named Miss Brill who loves to go to the park and wear a fancy fur coat. The next story were going to talk about is “A Good Man Is Hard to Find” ,written by Flannery O’Connor, this story about a Grandmother going on a trip to Florida with her son and his family but she has a bad feeling about going… Miss Brill was a lovely and sweet older lady who just enjoyed going to the park on Sundays. She never missed a Sunday going to the park. It was a routine for Miss Brill to go and enjoy her day at the park. She wore this old and shabby fur coat that she loved dearly. The coat of fur was a part of her life, she treated and spoke to the coat as if it was a live. Miss Brill loved to listen and watch her surroundings in the park. She even found herself eavesdropping on people in

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