Tobias Wolff Bullet In The Brain Analysis

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Stories of Tobias Wolff’s Bullets in the Brain and Timmy Reed’s Birds and Other Things We placed In Our Hearts has similarities and differences. Wolff’s Bullets in the Brain first appeared in The New Yorker on Sept 25, 1995 while Reed’s Birds and Other Things We placed In Our Hearts is publish in a web jounal Necessary Fiction on January 2014. The two stories have a theme that talks about respect - respect for individuality in Reed’s story and respect for person’s unlikeable traits in Wolff’s. In Reed’s story, the lead character learn to respect and accept his love despite the fact that they have different hearts. Also, he learns to accept her even though he knows that she would never be satisfied. In Wolff’s story, he emphasizes the importance of giving respect during the time when he enumerates the memories that Anders did not remember. He uttered “Anders did not remember the pleasure of giving respect.”
Although, they have similarity, the two stories has major differences also. First, both author differs the way they introduce and develop their lead characters to the reader.Second, they also differ in perspective from which their stories are being told. Third, they differs on the choice of settings and how it impact to the stories.And lastly, they differ in style of writing and plot development.
First, the two authors differ in character development. This element is essential since it provides the reader an implicit or explicit descriptions of all the characters.

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