The Night Divided

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Back then there were walls that divided countries, families, and friends. Because of walls, many authors write about the lifestyle of living there. Author John Boyne and Jennifer A. Nielsen both wrote books surrounding different walls. In Boyne’s The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, it takes place when the Jews had no right to do anything because of their religion. It centers around a 9-year-old boy who meets a new friend; the friend lives on the other side of the wall. The side where the jews work all day. In Nielsen’s book The Night Divided, it centers around a 12-year-old girl. She lives on the East side of the Berlin Wall. Her father and brother are on the West side of the Berlin Wall. While both of the writer 's center their stories around …show more content…

A family could provide you comfort when you need it and love when you need it the most. Even friends can give you the comfort you need. In both these books we learned that nothing should divide us from the people we want to be with. In The Boy in the Striped Pajamas the main character Bruno has a sister. His father is a soldier and works for the Fury. When Bruno moves to his new home he sees this wall with people within it. He got curious and started adventuring toward it. When he got there he met a new friend named Shmuel. They would always talk together and always wished they could play together somehow. In the book it says,” ‘ I could crawl under,’ said Bruno, reaching down and lifting the wire off the ground. In the center, between the wooden telegraph poles, it lifted quite easily and a boy as small as Bruno could easily fit through.” ( Boyne, 132) This shows that Bruno wanted to go to the other side of the wall so he could be with his friend. In Nielsen’s book A Night Divided, 12-year-old Greta lived on the East side of the Berlin Wall with her mother and oldest brother. On the West side were her father and her other brother who journeyed out the night before the fence were put up. It has been four years since her father and brother went to the other side. One day she sees her father and brother on the other side of the wall and he gave her a signal. A signal that shows her that he is coming. In the text, it says,” I figured it out during reading time that afternoon, forty-five minutes in which I could not recall a single word I’d read. It came down to the mistake Papa had made in his performance. Where he should’ve changed from a shovel to a rake, he only kept digging. And that was the end of his dance. He was digging. Papa wanted me to dig. But Why.” ( Nielsen, 45) This is where she sees her father on the other side and he starts doing his dance that he did to Gerta every night. He was

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