Theme Of Dehumanization In Night

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In the novel Night the protagonist, Elie Wiesel, narrates his experiences as a young Jewish boy surviving the Holocaust. Elie 's autobiographical memoir informs the reader about how the Nazis captured the Jews and enslaved them in concentration camps, where they experienced the absolute worst forms of torture, abuse and inhumane treatment. Dehumanization is shown in the story when the Jews were stripped of their identities and belongings, making them feel worthless as people. From the start of Elie Wiesel 's journey of the death camps, his beliefs of his own religion is fragile as he starts to lose his faith. Lastly, camaraderie is present as people in the camps are all surviving together to stay alive so as a result the people in the camp shine light on other people 's darkness. …show more content…

Throughout the story Night by Elie Wiesel, the most relevant themes that stand out are dehumanization as the Jewish people are labelled as nothing, loss of faith because their constant struggles makes them question a higher power and camaraderie between one another to sustain the death

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