Dehumanization In Night By Elie Wiesel

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Johnson Chen Mrs Way English 09 14 March 2023 The brutal dehumanization tactics in Night In the short but deep and meaningful novel Night, by Elie Wiesel. Shows the story about the conflict between the Jews vs the Nazi’s dehumanization tactics. The story takes place during WW2, with the two main characters fighting for survival in a concentration camp. They were trying to survive the germans dehumanization tactics being forced upon them. Therefore they tried to break the Jewish people's hope and spirit. Nazi’s use several oppressive and inhuman dehumanization methods to weaken the hope of the Jewish people. The first tactic used by the Nazi’s to try and dehumanize the Jewish people was to try and strip them from their identity. …show more content…

An example of this is when the Germans took the Jewish people's personal possessions. A method that was used is when the Germans would strip the Jewish people of their personal belongings, such as watches, chains and other expensive accessories. Elie wrote,”Anyone who still owns gold, silver or watches must hand them over now. Anyone who will be found to have kept any of these will be shot on the spot”(Wiesel 24). The Germans are stealing the Jewish People's personal possessions either for personal gain or for the nation in an effort to help pay for the war effort since watches and gold are sold for a lot . The Germans try to find any gold to get rich such as pulling gold crowns from peoples mouths. Elie has a gold crown in his mouth, but when the inspector came to check Elie, He was found out by someone and was sent to the dentist to have the gold tooth pulled out. Narrator states,”I shall remove your gold crown, That’s all he said clearly and in different” (Wiesel 52). The dentist doesn’t care about the prisoners, all they care about is the gold they’re gonna get. The dentist said something simple and carefree in the perspective of the dentist but to Elie and the prisoners it felt like losing a part of themselves. Overall, the German people take the Jewish people's stuff away to try and dehumanize the people by

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