Book Report Night By Elie Wiesel

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Night by Elie Wiesel describes his experiences as a Jew in the Nazi concentration camps during World War II. As they go through the experiences in the Nazi concentration camps, Wiesel and his father bonded over the fear of losing one another. But they also realize how the concentration camps turned friends and family on each other. They were treated like animals, and therefore acted like them. For instance when Wiesel's father asked the German: “Excuse me, can you tell me where the lavatories are?...” (Qtd. Wiesel. 49 ) The gypsy looked him up and down slowly, from head to toe. Then as if he woke up from a heavy doze, he struck Wiesel's father so hard he fell to the ground, crawling back to his place on all fours. I did not move. What had happen to me? My father had just been struck, before my very eyes, i had not even flickers an eyelid. I had looked on and said nothing. My father must have guessed my feelings. He whispered in my ear “It doesn't hurt.” His cheek still bore the red mark of the man's hand. As his father said this it created guilt for Wiesel and at times aggravation. …show more content…

Yet he was so thin himself, so dried up, so weak… “The only thing that keeps me alive,” he used to say, “is that Reizel and the children are still alive. If it wasn't for them, i couldn't keep going.” (Wiesel

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