Book Report On Night By Ellie Wiesel

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In the memoir “Night” written by Ellie Wiesel it tells a story during the time of world war two. The story describes how people were mistreated and showed what they went through during the time. Not only how they (the jews) were treated during the time, it explained how they weren't allowed to show their real selves without being judged or looked upon as nothing. The main character in the book is a boy named Ellie, he lived with his parents in Sighet Transylvania. Later on his instructor faces a traumatic experience regarding the nazi’s. No one really believed him until it was too late. People were sent off into concentration camps, the camps were made to keep prisoners and then kill them once they prove that they have no use anymore. People were separated. Families and friends weren’t put into the same places …show more content…

These camps were established in 1944 separating the men from the women. While being stuck in the camp Ellie took notes on everything that had happened to him and how the jews resisted against the nazis. Three of the many ways that they resisted were that they prayed, didn't fight back, and went through the selections. Resistance can be shown in many ways, it could be shown through a riot or could be shown through protest, people fighting for their rights. Showing people that “no I will not be your puppet” showing others that you still have faith through the darkest of your times. One example of this is when the Jews were in the concentration camps scared and what they did to overcome it was to pray. They prayed before they were taken away, they prayed while going to the camps in the buses, they even prayed when they were in the camps. This was a way that they resisted against the nazis. The nazis didn’t want them to still believe in their gods, they didn’t want them to have hope in anything whatsoever. They already knew that the jews would die anyways so they tortured them, starved them, made them do test to see if they were still able

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