Compare And Contrast A Time To Kill

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A Time to Kill Comparisons and Differences A Time to Kill follows the trial of Carl Lee Hailey as he is charged with murder for killing the two men who raped his 10-year-old daughter. Jake Brigance, the lawyer for Carl, is on a mission to get Carl off in the little segregated town of Canton. A Time to Kill was written by John Grisham, and was published in 1989. Seven years later it was released to theaters, directed by Joel Schumacher. The movie has similar characters, scenes, and same overall plot as the novel has, but also has many differences. The novel A Time to Kill later became a movie that had many similarities from the characters and scenes described in the novel, but many differences occur between important scenes and missing characters that did not make it into the movie. The movie A Time to Kill has the characters one would expect after reading the book because the description the book has of the major characters matches what is seen in the movie. The book’s description of Jake Brigance says “At 32, he has no gray hair. Carla, Jake’s wife, explained that his receding hairline gave him a look of maturity that was essential for a young attorney.” (Grisham) The young Mathew McCaughey fits exactly the description of Jake that Grisham had wrote. The movie mentions that Jake is a young lawyer when the defense attorney Rufus Buckley gibed him for taking on such a big case saying “Isn’t he still in law school?”. The atmosphere of the city during the trial was intense because the book was made it seem so real with the details it provided, and kept the reader on the edge of their seat. The movie did …show more content…

Both the book and novel follow the trial of a man who killed the men who raped his daughter, and the young lawyer representing him. Between the two they are a few similarities, but overall there were more

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