Similarities Between High Noon And The Most Dangerous Game

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High Noon, which was written by Carl Foreman, is a film about a marshal who has to protect his town and himself from a man who is returning from prison on the noon train for revenge with the help of his gang. “The Most Dangerous Game,” which was written by Richard Connell, is a short story about a man who ends up on an island known as ‘Ship Trap Island’ and has to survive from an expert hunter for three days by hiding from the hunter, his dogs, and his accomplice. Even though High Noon and “The Most Dangerous Game” are stories that have little in common, there are instances where we see similarities between the two settings; the protagonists and conflicts also have many differences. The film, High Noon, and the short story, “The Most Dangerous Game,” have two different conflicts that affect the story. In the film, Will Kane says, “I sent a man up five years ago for murder. He was supposed to hang, but up north they commuted it to life. Now he’s free—I don’t know how. Anyway, it looks like he’s coming back” (Foreman 295). This quote proves that the conflict in the film is that Will Kane sent Frank Miller, a dangerous outlaw, to prison up north for murder. Frank was pardoned, and he is coming back for revenge on Will Kane. An example of the conflict from the short story is, “‘But they are men,’ said Rainsford hotly. ‘Precisely,’ said the general. ‘That is why I use them (for my hunting game). It gives me pleasure’” (Connell 13). What General Zaroff means is that he

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