Hunters In The Snow And The Most Dangerous Game Analysis

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Different types of fiction change the way a story is told. Both “Hunters in the Snow” by Tobias Wolff and “The Most Dangerous Game” by Richard Connell use specific traits from literary and commercial fiction to develop their plots. “The Most Dangerous Game” is about a hunter named Rainsford who is traveling on a boat. One night he leans too far off the ship and falls. No one hears this fall and he can only swim to the nearest island, oblivious to its danger. In “Hunters in the Snow” main characters Tub, Frank, and Kenny are out hunting in a forest. After ‘joking’ about pretending to shoot Tub, Kenny himself is shot by Tub. The short story “Hunters In The Snow” by Tobias Wolff is an example of commercial fiction and “The Most Dangerous Game” by Richard Connell is an example of literary fiction because of their traits and how they are written.

Although “Hunters In The Snow” is commercial fiction, and “The Most Dangerous Game” is literary fiction, both have some aspects of the others type. Even though “The Most Dangerous Game” is an example of Literary Fiction it has a lot of action. Action is a trait of commercial fiction but because it is not the central aspect of “The Most Dangerous Game”. Instead, the central aspect is the shock that the author uses to drive the story forward. Zarcoff, the general describes very shocking and terrible thing such as his “‘training school’” (Connell, 9) where he keeps humans to hunt. Compared to “The Most Dangerous Game”, “Hunters in the

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