Most Dangerous Game Imagery Essay

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Panic, anxiety, and most importantly, fear, are all components that form the adventurous tale, The Most Dangerous Game. Rainsford, the protagonist of the story, is widely recognized as an experienced hunter who ventures off in a ship to travel to Rio in order to hunt jaguars. However, the story turns when Rainsford falls off his ship, encounters a hunter who hunts men, and becomes the prey himself. Although Connell sets up an intense plot by using irony, characterization, word choice, and other literary devices, imagery is one of the main aspects that releases an uneasy feeling within the audience. Imagery is a common literary device that authors use to engage a reader into the story, by painting the scene in the audience’s mind. Authors would describe several details of the event, using imagery in their writing. The short story, The Most Dangerous Game, by Richard Connell, incorporates imagery to intensify the suspense within the literary piece. By using this literary element, Connell depicts a mood that escalates from casualness to increasing panic. The story’s state of casualness is only the beginning of the upcoming fiasco. The story states, …show more content…

The imagery that Connell creates in The Most Dangerous Game captivates the audience into a tale that makes one’s heart stop even for a split second. The feelings of suspense are nearly tangible to the reader when the silence of the writing surrounds them. Additionally, the two contradicting moods are easily flowed through together and yet discreetly set apart due to Connell’s use of imagery in various scenes. Despite all the other literary devices used within The Most Dangerous Game, imagery has to be the element that really allows the emotions of the literary piece to connect to its

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