The Most Dangerous Game Character Analysis Essay

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Andy: Imagine you are stranded on an island, starving and thirsty. You have managed to build a fire and have pushed through countless rainy nights. You are using the skills of a survivor. These skills have been used by other survivors such as Hyeonseo Lee, a North Korean who escaped her country. Aron Ralston uses survival traits to survive being trapped in between a boulder and a wall of rock. Rainsford from the story “The Most Dangerous Game” used his skills to survive being hunter by General Zaroff. Throughout these three stories, three survival traits are used to live through harsh conditions. Resourcefulness, determination, and willpower are the traits one must have to be a survivor.
Resourcefulness is the survival trait used by Rainsford in “The Most Dangerous Game.” On page 20 of “The Most Dangerous Game”, Rainsford constructs a Malay man-catcher trap as an attempt to kill General Zaroff. Rainsford does this using the natural resources around him. Throughout the story, Rainsford builds two other traps as well. By building these traps, Rainsford was able to take the upper hand against …show more content…

On page two of "My Escape from North Korea", Lee explains that she and her family have been jailed multiple times, yet she kept on pushing to get her family and herself to freedom. The determination that Lee demonstrated is what got her family to safety. This is an inspiring example of determination. Lee also shows determination on an earlier paragraph on page 2. In paragraph 8 of "My Escape from North Korea", Hyeonseo Lee used determination to get passed the Chinese police. This is an example of determination because of cracking under the pressure of the police interrogation, Lee was able to achieve her goal of escaping North Korea. Because of Lee's determination, she was able to get herself and her family out of North

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