The IRA Sniper And Suce From The Razorland Trilogy

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Once, during recess in elementary school during the winter, an older student seems to have decided to have some fun at my expense. He took a handful of snow and proceeded to shove it down my winter coat, after that he ran off. I fumed for a while before coming up with a plan and mustering up the determination to do it. As the bell to go back inside rang, I located my target and then threw a snowball at said target. I was spotted by a teacher and was issued the equivalent of a lunch detention. My act of determination failed, and I was caught. While I only got a detention these people had much more on the line than a simple detention. The IRA Sniper from “The Sniper” and Deuce from The Razorland Trilogy both demonstrate extreme determination. They show this determination through their refusal to succumb to intense pain and risk it all to defeat their opposition.
Starting off is the IRA Sniper from “The Sniper” who quite clearly shows how determined he is. One example is when after being shot in the arm, ”He broke the neck of the iodine bottle and let the bitter fluid drip into the wound. A paroxysm of pain swept through him…he made an effort of will to overcome the pain.” (O’Flaherty 3). he used a extremely painful
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The IRA Sniper overcame the pain of his wounds. He then proceeded to attempt and succeeded in a daring and dangerous plan to save his life. Deuce too overcomes the pain of her wounds but she later endangers her own life to save another at the risk of being eaten alive. My own experiences show that determination comes in many sizes. Determination is something necessary for every choice and while having all the determination in the world will not guarantee success, having too little will most definitely will ensure failure. Deuce’s determination helped keep her alive as she save her friend while the IRA Sniper used his to save
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