The Role Of Justice In Sophocles Antigone

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Justice is an underlying idea that humans revolve around. It is our sole concept that constructs how we think and behave. Justice creates morals and therefore how we judge those around us. If we didn’t have justice, our society would be in chaos and completely unruly. When identifying what is just, there are quite a few traits that can be clearly spotted. Most important of those, is determination. Justice would never prevail and come to light if it was not the most persistent concept around. In Sophocles’ Antigone, the title characters continued determination moves her to do what she thinks is just in the face of death. Throughout history, mankind as a species has shown determination. Thousands of years ago, man used determination to survive. Fighting off wild animals, looking for a place to live, and gathering food …show more content…

This is not correct. The original punishment for attempting to bury Polyneices was being stoned to death. This usually takes anywhere from five to 20 minutes, usually never lasting longer then 30 (Ashtiani). Kreon, her uncle, decided to give her a longer, less painful death, by trapping her in a cave, alive. This allowed her to survive a few days longer, and possibly give her a chance to escape (if she found a way out). However, Antigone had determination for justice, even when it was her own life at stake. She decided she should not receive special treatment from uncle Kreon and was determined for justice to be sought. She knew the punishment for breaking the law. Antigone hung herself because she was still determined for justice. The person who broke the law needed to be punished fairly, and she thought her punishment was not fair. This clearly is not “taking the easy way out.” It is in fact one of the most just things a person can do and shows the true determination of

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