Captain America Character Analysis

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It is Captain America’s duty to not just protect the American people, but to lead and guide them. He is the face of all that America stands for from his star spangled suit to his values and heroism. Captain America symbolizes freedom and protection. I feel like he 's often understood to symbolize America, but he stands for more than that. He had never run from a fight and always insisted on standing up for himself and his beliefs. His ability to keep fighting for what he believed in, no matter the consequences, is a strong characteristic of his. He proved that nobody should ever give up hope because giving up is never an option for something you truly believe in. In Captain America Civil War, the government passes a law that requires all "superheroes"…show more content…
“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” (Martin Luther King Jr.) Antigone takes the decision to resist Kreon, and insists on burying Polyneices. The act is something that brings her into a sharp conflict between familial duty based on divine law, and the commands of the king (Kreon). Leaving Polyneices unburied means that he becomes part of nature, as vultures and wild dogs will feed on him. “But his brother, Polyneices, the exile, who descended with fire to destroy his fatherland and family gods, to drink our blood and drive us off slaves, will have no ritual, no mourners, will be left unburied so men may see him ripped for food by dogs and vultures.” (Pg. 28). There is an exclusion from human community and for Antigone, a horror at the thought of her brother’s body decaying in the wild. “I will bury him myself. If I die for doing that, good: I will stay with him, my brother;” (pg. 23). Antigone thought it was unjust to let her brother go without a proper burial. She took the power of freedom and her free will and made the situation “just” in her eyes.…show more content…
Kreon sees his order and punishment as the right and honorable thing to do. He believed his actions were morally right and the best option for maintaining control over Thebes. But Kreon also felt wronged by Antigone since she knowingly went against his orders, and like Antigone, Kreon had his reasons to be upset. He is the king and the male leader of the family and this meant the women of the house “owed” him respect. Kreon wanted justice against whomever buried Polyneices ' body, but when he finds out Antigone is guilty of committing the crime, he has a choice to make. Kreon uses death as a form of justice for the man or woman who disobey

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