Internal Conflict In Antigone

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In Antigone, there was two brothers who shared being the King and one of the brothers, Polynices, wanted to start a war with the kingdom because he wanted to be the main ruler. Polynices and his brother Eteocles fight and they both end up killing each other. Their Uncle Creon, who takes position as King when they are both killed, decides that only Eteocles will have a proper burial and Polynices will be left to rot. Antigone, Polynices and Eteocles sister, thinks that Creon’s decision is unfair and takes upon herself to give Polynices a proper burial. When their other sister Ismene finds out, she is stuck between helping her sister bury their brother and following Creon’s demands. Ismene is very different from her sister Antigone. Antigone …show more content…

Ismene has an internal conflict for not trying to help her sister when first asked, which is the reason for her trying to take some blame in the acts Antigone had done. Antigone and Ismene are both to be put to death but Creon relents on the executing off Ismene. Before Creon did so, Ismene is scorned by Antigone for her late attempt for trying to be righteous. Ismene has always believed in loyalty and has always been loyal to her family. Even though she made a late decision and it is rejected by Antigone she is still loyal to her family by offering her help after she denied it to Antigone the first …show more content…

In the beginning of the controversy between Antigone and Ismene, Ismene chose to be loyal to Creon and repeatedly telling her sister that she should not go through with the plans she has created. In the middle of the argument Ismene decides to be loyal to her family and help with the burial. At the end of the play of Antigone, three people are dead: Antigone, Haemon or Haimon (Antigone fiancé also Creon’s son) and Creon’s wife. Ismene is assumed to be alive, Sophocles ignored her fate. It is as if she just disappeared. Ismene chose her loyalty and it was to her family at the end of the day, although Antigone may have believed that he sister chose to be loyal to the

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