Who Is Creon's Loyalty In Antigone

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Antigone dearly beloved brothers Eteocles and Polyneices has joined their ancestors in the afterlife. Eteocles has been buried with honor There seems to be a problem with Polyneices who has not been buried. Antigone uncle Creon, don 't want to bury his own nephew. Antigone will always stand up for her family so she will go against her own uncle. Antigone is correct for bold rebellion to bury her brother because she loyal to her family and to the gods. Antigone will always be loyal to her brother no matter what anyone says, even her uncle. According to the play, Antigone says, “Ismene I am going to bury him. Will you come?’’ (P.30) What she is trying to say is that it doesn 't matter what anybody says about her brother being buried she is still going to be loyal, even if her brother is dead. some may say that she should not be loyal what Creon said. Even her own uncle talked bad about his own nephew and how he doesn 't want him buried with honors like his other brother Eteocles. …show more content…

Antigone is loyal to the gods and not to Creon. Antigone states, “Creon is not strong enough to stand in my way.’’(P.32). What she means is that nobody can block her or stand in her way from doing what she has to do for her brother. Some may say that Polyneices was a traitor well he is, that 's the reason why Creon wants Polyneices not buried. She was trying to look out for her family but, her uncle did care about this. Most people would have done the same thing. Antigone is correct for bold rebellion to bury her brother because she was loyal to the gods, what her religion was and her family means to her. Antigone is always going to be right because she was defending her family alive or dead she will still be

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