The Most Dangerous Game Literary Analysis Essay

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“The Most Dangerous Game” Essay In the short story “The Most Dangerous Game” by Richard Connell A man named Rainsford hears a gunshot and falls off a boat on to which he was traveling upon. Rainsford swims to this island to which he heard the gunshots, once on land he walks around and finds an unusual sight A mansion.When inside the mansion he comes across a man Named General Zaroff whos is a fan of his. Zaroff he hunts humans. How will this turn out for rainsford read the story to find out. hunts something so very unusual.Throughout the story connell uses Mood irony and suspense . Mood is used in this story a lot but here was a really amazing version of it that I found. When Rainsford is on the island and approaches the mansion that contains the hunter of …show more content…

Suspense played a big role in the this story it created an ominous mood and made the reader wait. Is rainsford going to die how will this work out in or against Rainsfords favor ? These are all things that the reader might think when they hit a suspenseful part in the story “He let out a short hoarse cry he had reached to far and lost his balance the cry was pinched off short as the blood warm waters of the caribbean sea closed over his head.”(pg 69) Connell the author slowed down time in this very instinct he made the readers wait even longer to see if he made it out alive or drowned it creates questions for the readers and makes us interested. “The Most Dangerous game” by Richard Connell Uses the techniques of mood,irony,and suspense. With all theses things a reader will get sucked into the story and feel like they are right alongside the characters. We run jump and live with the people in this story. That's why authors use these literary elements in stories to draw the reader's int and that's why we read to be immersed in another word that is not of our own

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