Brief Summary: The Most Dangerous Game

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Four days ago, on the island referred to by sailors as “Ship-trap Island,” a man became motivated to play a game. That man was Sanger Rainsford. He had to evade the great hunter and trapper known as General Zaroff. Following the events on the island, Rainsford was the only player left alive. Having only the clothes on his back, food, and a knife, surviving would be incredibly difficult for Mr. Rainsford. However, it would not be impossible. At first, Mr. Rainsford was driven by a panic that only prey felt. And, as such, he went in a straight line, trying to put distance between them. Then he recovered his head. He immediately drew upon his almost infinite knowledge of prey and laid down false trails and made his trail as perplexing as he …show more content…

Sanger left again. This time, however, he simply could not hold back the panic. He was losing the struggle. Later that evening, still in his panic, Mr. Rainsford’s foot got stuck in quicksand, it could only mean one thing: Death Swamp. He quickly pulled his foot from the treacherous mud and built a Burmese tiger pit. Rainsford reluctantly admitted that, although his trap pulled down one of Zaroff’s best dogs, he would have liked for it to take General Zaroff himself. General Zaroff then left, but not without telling Rainsford that the pack was coming. Rainsford then lay down, waiting for dawn to arrive. Rainsford woke up to one sound; the baying of hounds. The odds were stacked against him, he was now facing down with a bold face nature, self, and man. However, Rainsford, like any other hunter, knew when to run. Now was that time. He sprinted to the ocean, trying to get away from the hounds, and then dove into the ocean. Then Zaroff came, looking around curiously, he then left the beach to go and have some supper. By that time Rainsford was far away. Rainsford was in Zaroff’s quarters. As soon as Zaroff went to go to sleep, Rainsford made his move. He called out to Zaroff. Then offered hand to hand combat, the winner get’s to sleep in the bed, the loser goes to the hounds. Rainsford’s final statement was that he never had slept in a better bed. After that final statement he left to complete his hunt in the

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