A Brave New World-Personal Narrative

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But, to the Zaroff’s astonishment, Rainsford just chuckled and smiled and turned ever so slightly so the General could not see what was in his jacket. He turned again towards Zaroff, with the moon light lingering on his victorious face as he pulled out the 22-caliber gun he had found lying next to the animal he had found, dead, on his first day on the island. Rainsford then walked like a lion in front of his pride over to General Zaroff with the gun not faltering even an inch from its target, Zaroff’s heart. He reached Zaroff and just as Ivan had once placed the gun on his heart, he did the same to Zaroff. He then whispered in his ear, “You’ve got two choices,” and Zaroff again taken aback by Rainsford’s compassion towards him, leaned closer, …show more content…

The light blinded them all and allowed them to realize what needed to happen. They glanced around and then raced each other into the General, no one even considering to stay back and help the General. The young boy who Rainsford had met earlier reached the jungle first and lead the charge. They cleaned up all the dead trees and plants and got rid of the quicksand. They tamed the vicious sea and brought back life to the island. They brought in all sorts have animals that had inhabited the island before the General invaded. The list seemed interminable, ranging from deer to little bunnies, monkeys to porcupines. Travelers came from near and far to not just see the island and engross themselves in its beauty but also to help Rainsford and the others make it even more beautiful than before. Rainsford, looking over the new island he calls home, said “That one interminable night in the blood-warm Caribbean was all worth it. There is nothing that could make this better.” And as he finished his declaration, Whitney and all his friends from the yacht came walking in, gaping at all the beauty of the island and the accomplishments of

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