Summary Of Rainsford Vs General Zaroff

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Sanger Rainsford doesn’t consider himself a better human than General Zaroff until he discovers Zaroff’s malignant hobbies. When he discovers Zaroff’s use of human fodder to make his ‘hunting’ more arduous, he is unreservedly repulsed. To further Rainsford’s horrification, the general asks Rainsford to accompany him on one of his ‘hunting’ excursions. Instead of accepting, Rainsford adjourns to his bedroom. He tries to abscond, but his attempts are futile and he is sent to out as Zaroff’s prey. Sanger Rainsford stays intrepid, fighting and feinting until he finds his way to the precipice of the island. Unflinching, he leaps into the Caribbean Sea, later meeting the General for a duel to the death. Rainsford is victorious, but he didn’t win.
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