Why Is Rainsford Insane

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Twas the night after General Zaroff was killed during insane battle between Zaroff and Rainsford. General Zaroff was killed late at night, the battle between them was insanely tough to beat each other because the two great opponents were going against one on one. They had both walked in on that battle last night, and that's when everything turned the wrong way. Zaroff was testing Rainsford to see if he was strong enough and tough enough to go threw the obstacles that Zaroff was preparing for him. Rainsford went into that battle knowing pretty much nothing at all, he just knew he had to go into that battle and fight with everything he had. Zaroff had this theory that Rainsford was trying to kill him and he was right but for a good reason. Rainsford walked up to the …show more content…

Zaroff was a tough man but not tough enough to beat Rainsford. Rainsford was mad fun of by Zaroff and had always wanted to prove him wrong and that night of the battle he did prove him wrong. Rainsford knew there was going to be traps so he prepared himself for the obstacles. Rainsford knew there was going to be traps. There were three taps. He knew how to avoid them he just didn’t know if avoiding them the way thought in his head was going to work. He ended up getting caught in one of the traps and didn’t know what to do. He had to think quickly before Zaroff could kill him and take all his weapons. The battle ended with Rainsford winning. The night after rainsford won the great battle between General Zaroff, he went home that night and slept in the bed off Zaroff's. Rainsford had said that he

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