The Most Dangerous Game Theme Essay

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Hunters believe animals are not capable of reasoning and they see them as something lesser than humans. Throughout time, these positions can change. The short story, “The Most Dangerous Game” written by Richard Connell, consists of General Zaroff being the hunter and Rainsford being the hunted. During the story, their positions change to the complete opposite. Throughout the story the reader sees how Zaroff “plays” with Rainsford as he hunts him and not once does Zaroff think he will lose to Rainsford. This is a clear example of the theme to never underestimate your opponent skills or the underdog may overtake you. Connell illustrates this theme through foreshadowing, irony, and, man vs. man. To help us visualize, foreshadowing shows how Rainsford, being the underdog, will overtake Zaroff who underestimates Rainsford. Although Rainsford is not seen as being the weaker link, Rainsford showed he did not pity those below him: “‘Who cares how a jaguar feels all they understand is fear.’ - ‘Even so, I rather think they understand one thing--fear. The fear of pain and the fear of death.’”(Connell 18) By reading the theme the reader can infer the position Rainsford is in will drastically change. Although, Rainsford is not overtaken by the jaguar but it is General Zaroff that surpasses him. The part of the story when Rainsford asks if Ivan is Russian.... The reader now knows General Zaroff is not a mere hunter but he is out to …show more content…

But we should also never underestimate ourselves and never hold ourselves back. Rainsford represents the part of us, focused and does not give up on his goal because it is to difficult. Although General Zaroff represents the dark or extreme side of us, not showing pity towards others, becoming lazy, and inferring Rainsford has died therefore not caring about his

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